How Can I Join Beechgrove Sports Partnership?

It is not possible to join the Partnership directly. The Board of Trustees is made up from nominees of the participating clubs, and also members who participate in the work of the project who are also members of the participating clubs. The board is currently looking at how we can involve members of the community formally in the project and we will publish the outcome on our site.

How Can I Join the Beechgrove Bowling or Tennis Clubs?

Please click on the links below and they will take you directly to the contact page for the Bowling Club web site, or the Tennis Club Facebook page and they will respond directly to an inquiry from you.

What is the Moffat Sports Hub?

The community sport hub initiative, Sportscotland’s contribution to the Scottish Government’s 2014 legacy plan, is an exciting and innovative approach to the development of sport in local clubs and communities. It is designed to increase the number of people of all ages participating in sport across Scotland.

Find out more from their web site:

Why does the Beechgrove Recreation Ground Need a New Pavilion?

The existing pavilion is a wooden structure that dates back to the 1960's. It is currently in poor condition and it is anticipated that it has a short life left and even if it could be economically repaired, that this would not represent the best course of action. Potential funders have indicated a refurbishment would not attract awards due to the short anticipated lifespan. The current pavilion is limited in size, does not meet modern standards, is not accessible to disabled groups and has no opportunity for growth. In simple terms it is no longer fit for purpose.

Sports have been played at Beechgrove Recreation Ground since the 1860's and if it is to continue to provide this vital facility to Moffat and surrounding area, it will be essential to provide a replacement facility.

Our vision is a clubhouse that will meet modern standards and legislation, that will provide the basic facilities for the existing clubs but in addition be a location for other local groups who will be able to hire the premises. In addition our objective, in conjunction with new all weather tennis courts, is that the playing season for tennis and for bowls is extended throughout the year by the provision of indoor bowling facilities in the new pavilion

Where Can I See the Building Design?

We have commissioned a f design solution from Simon Winstanley Architects and the pdf file is available from our "About" page.

Can I Make a Donation?

Yes - please see top of page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We need the support of the local community in Moffat and the surrounding area to make our project a success. If you support our objectives, please become a registered supporter by completing the get in touch box below and saying that you support our project or ask us for more information.

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Plan to Make a donation

Any potential funders will want to know what local support, financial and otherwise, the project is attracting. This is why any donation, however small, will be of immense value.

Unfortunately we are not accepting donations right now, but we hope to be able to very soon. Please check back when it will be easy to do using the PayPal button below.